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look on back and laugh. or dont.

Thu Sep 21, 2006, 9:36 PM
vicious cycle yo.

the conditions people are raised in today in American are harsh.

you are laughing eh?

but its true.

these conditions kill yo soul, baby.

very harsh.

everyone wants to be a rock star and a movie star and an nba player.
girls, same thing, just girly. w/e it is.
Actresses, models.
fucking the hottest chick/guy, have the best wifey, drive the newest car and shit.

but everyone knows that wont make you happy.

you wont be a movie star. most of us won't.

dont fucking ruin your life by following a pretty image.

that doesnt mean dont dream. dream big. just don't follow.

media fucks you. most of our parents didnt even know any better to tell us, because they succumbed into this whole corrupt system themselves. they arent any different.

and still. like in the old history days. few people rule the majority.
they are just smarter about it now. it's not tyranny. its done through this idea of "freedom." yeaaaah. sure. But
there aint no outside strenght to be gained, no freedom... Not if you dont have it inside of you. And that's not easy.  But it's worth it.

being confident, self-aware, and self-efficient will make you happy.

its not the amount of shit you have.

Einstein said: "The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving."

I agree. Not because he's a genius. Same thing. He speaks the truth.
That's the quality of a great man eh?

That will give you the confidence and happiness.

It's like this code of ethics.

Not the rules, mind you. Not rules, not the guidelines.

You all know that being honest makes you feel good.
That's why people we choose to be our partners... we don't even choose them. They just come around. Your best friends. Etc.
Those are the people are can be the most honest with.
Yes, acquintences are the most convenient people around. Co-workers and such. But friends... are those you feel the most comfort with.
What is the best way to get into a girl's panties??

Get her to be comfortable around you. Whether it's your nature and you were brought up that way, or a learned behavior... most girls probably won't even be able to tell. Yes, when they get older, they get wiser. Discover different values. As do men, of course. But with men it's a bit more complicated I think since we most don't have a burden of carrying out the new generation. I mean, most of us are raised by mothers, right? Momma's boys most of us grow up to be. Putting women on the pedistol of such. That's why guys become pedofiles, cause they give, and then give up, because it's out of the bad intentions, they give in order to gain. That doesn't work. And when that doesn't work a power trip comes in and they want to take. Insecurity. And girls take, and sometimes give back. But the young and pretty ones usually won't be attracted to you if you area  just a giver and compliment spitter. Right? Yeah. They all want ego feeding though. They will take that. From you and the next guy.
Women in a way are on a pedistol. They should be. Ideally. Yes, it kinda of should be like that. But it should be done honestly and out of one's good nature.
It's hard with this society. It fucks up the whole image of a female. And it's like there is no turning back now.

vicious cycle.

Everything starts with being honest to yourself, though.
Anyone read The Brothers Karamazov or Nietzsche?
I didn't read all of it, but I've gotten as far to understand that principle.
I don't always apply it but fuck, yeah, I'm human. I try.

But you must impress the idea of honesty onto your own subconsciousness.
That's essential to any real success and happiness.

Forgive those who are unjust towards you.
Don't hate.
You realize that only makes you weak right?
You must forgive to wipe out those effects of transgression of your mind, your will power. Succumbing into temptation makes us weak.
And the opposite.
Don't hate. Don't envy. Don't be jealous or evil.
Don't set out any destructive thoughts, don't pollute the minds of others.
It doesn't do you any good. Bringing others down does not make you better than them.

If you are negative, you will attract negativity.
Even if you put a positive intention in a negative context, if you know what I mean. Don't do that.

Same with giving... You lose nothing when you give.
You only gain. You all know it's true.
Strength of characther, that is. Whatever it is you keep or receive won't make you happy. Nope.

GIVING to people will.

honestly caring for others will.

What are the best relationships? What are they built on? On giving.
Not receiving. Yeah, girls. And boys. That's what love is built on.
Because ultimate happiness is gained through helping others, showing kindess to your loved one.

I mean, obvious shit, but just be aware of it.
Take the first step.
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